20 Tracks - 39 Tunes/Songs - 80 Minutes of Pleasure

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Old Joe Clarke The Butterfly/Rocky Road to Dublin
The Banshee/Dashing White Sergeant Eighth of January
Star of County Down The Pirate/Kingsbridge
Liza Jane/Turkey in the Straw Galway Hornpipe


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Sparkling 15 track R&B masterpiece tribute

This album brings to fruition a long ambition to record a selection of the works of Chuck Berry. I have always been an avid fan, and never tire of playing and listening to his captivating compositions. I have seen him live more times than I can remember and once even had the privilege, after a show, to jam with him at the Queens Garden Restaurant in the 60s. Frustratingly for me, in 2004, I had to sit and watch my wife Sandra up on stage dancing alongside him at a concert. The moment he walks on stage, I am totally entranced by his presence because, to me, he is the consummate entertainer, singer and musician. I once heard him introduced as “The Rock Poet and Father of Rock 'n' Roll, the master of rough-cut Rhythm and Blues and the number one composer of classical popular music”. The birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll was a mixture of ‘black’ and ‘white’ music, comprising Elvis Presley, a white man who loved gospel and blues, and Chuck Berry, a black man steeped in swing, blues, who loved country and western. Together they defined Rock ‘n’ Roll forever, eradicating the boundaries of ‘black’ and ‘white’ music. Chuck created a completely new sound and guitar style by combining his influences of jazz, gospel and blues, and took the world by storm. His guitar tone, syncopations and bends have an attitude of their own. To quote the old cliché, “If you tried to give ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll' another name, you might call it Chuck Berry”…..John Lennon. What would the Rolling Stones and The Beatles sound like without him?

Our arrangements of Chuck Berry’s music and songs are not meant to be exact duplicates or carbon copies, but simply our own interpretations, in our own style and with our own individual sound, whilst still being faithful and retaining the flavour of the originals. Chuck Berry music is what the electric guitar was made for. The music is driving, gritty and dynamic, and the lyrics jaunty, cheeky and entertaining. I have sought to create an interesting and authentic ‘Chuck Berry’ feel with my guitar passages. Dick’s articulate bass line adds body and drive to the compositions, whilst Sandra’s nimble dexterity on keyboard is integral to our sound. Her talent and expert timing on percussion adds an individual rhythmic embellishment, including the use of darabuka and the rattle of the ‘golden egg’!

Roger Downton

Sandra, dancing on stage with
Chuck Berry 2004

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Price £9.99

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Square Records
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Wimborne Minster
BH21 1HU

Transcript of a telephone conversation from John Howard, the Editor of ‘UK Rock Magazine’……

John Howard
UK Rock Magazine

“I enjoyed your CD (Corkscrew Play Chuck Berry) very much. It started off with plenty of attack and loads of enthusiasm. Sometimes, I find that with tributes, the vocals let it down, but this time it certainly didn’t. They were powerful, and did it justice. The guitar work was brilliant, strong and accurate. It was certainly challenging to do somebody as well known as Chuck Berry, but you carried it off most successfully. I can truthfully say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks”.


John Howard
Editor, UK Rock Magazine


Email from Johan at Chuck Berry News

Chuck Berry News

Hello Roger!

Very much thanks for the quick sending of the CD's to me. It was great to play on Chuck Berry's birthday! You and the band have done a lot of great versions on Chuck Berry songs, and also many others, like Peggy Sue and your own songs.

You play great on your own way, with your own sound. I really like it!

Thank you very much, and have a good time.

Best/Johan ( Sweden )

P.S. I hope you had a great Chuck Berry Birthday gig!

Chuck Berry News






Price £6.99


Roger Downton's original Compositions

Price £4.99

Letter from reviewer

Ian Peterson
Live Wire Magazine

Dear Roger

I enjoyed your CD, 'All My Own Work', because it contains some nice touches of humour, observational, particularly on such tracks as 'Benedicte', 'With You in Australia' and ' Now Just You Promise Me'. This is rare, and when you hear as many lyrics as I do, that are all too busy trying to be arty, and clever, extremely refreshing.

Nice variety of guitar styles in the playing, again the lack of effects, and tricks allows the playing to stand out, and the songs to be heard.
Keep up the good work.

Best wishes,

Ian Peterson
Editor, Live Wire Magazine

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Roger Downton

Roger has worked as a musician in the Bournemouth and Poole area (as well as internationally!) since his teens. He worked as resident guitarist with the Jan Ralfini Orchestra at the Bournemouth Pavilion. He also played lead guitar with the Inner Circle and founded The Sandstorms, The Dynasonic Jerks and his current band, Corkscrew.

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